02 May 2008


I have never felt this empty before. 3 months after a tragedy, I still find myself loving the one who have been the cause of my downfall. Everyday, I still wish that things would go the way it did. But I know that that is something unlikely to happen. With the way things are going on, probabilities of getting a second shot at love is bleak. I admit it, I can't get over it. And what hurts me most is that it just took 2 weeks or so for that person to recover and completely erase me on that person's world. But as my friend once told me, there's no use crying over spilled milk. I guess the only option left for me is to move on. I just hope I could forget all those bitter memories as fast as I could, because I'm tired.
Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. I hear it all the time. A day won't pass without me hearing someone or reading a text say "pa-cheeseburger ka naman.". The phrase have obviously been a part of our vocabulary nowadays, and I just can't believe how a single commercial created history and have been a part of our culture in just a matter of days. Indeed, advertising and the media have this intense power to influence people and change our culture. Which makes me want to regret why I chose psychology over advertising.
Recently, I've been trying to convince my Dad to buy me a car so that going to school won't be a problem anymore. But the thing is, he doesn't like my choice of car. He said that the car that I wanted was not fuel efficient, expensive to maintain and most of all, hard to find. But can he blame me for wanting an old school Volkswagen Beetle? Gaaash.
I want to enroll myself to a fitness program. Gotta remove the flabs. Damn love handles.
The world knows how much I love my true friends. Importante para sa akin ang mga kaibigan ko. Mas mahal ko pa sila kaysa sa mga naging ka-relasyon ko. And i'll do anything to keep and treasure my friends. Mas gugustuhin ko pang mawalan ng lovelife, wag lang mawalan ng mga kaibigan. Mas masakit mawalan ng kaibigan kaysa ng lovelife, at ayoko mawala ang mga kaibigan ko. Kung may tampuhan man, ayos lang. Parte ng buhay yan, basta ang mahalaga, after all the trials that may come, we'll remain as friends. I'll do my best to be the best friend you guys could ever have, and I say amen to that. To all you guys (yeah, you know who you are), here's to a friendship that will transcend a lifetime. apir! *apir*
I'm getting addicted to Pocari Sweat. Damn, it tastes good! Too bad it's quite expensive.
Philippine primetime tv sucks. If it weren't only for the news, I wouldn't even dare open our television set. Sana kasi may cable tv na samen. Hay.
iBlog4 was awesome! I enjoyed it, and I have learned so many stuff from the speakers. Although there were some parts of it that I found boring, I enjoyed iBlog4 since I also get to spend some time with the bloggers. The event inspired me to blog again, and gave me an idea of starting an event or making shirts for bloggers. I hope I could find pursue those ideas, para naman makacontribute ako sa pinoy blogosphere.

I'm sleepy. Gotta rest. Got classes tomorrow. Damn summer class. Such a bummer.



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